Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tavi the teen-blogger sensation

Madonna: Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2010 Ad Campaign!

Check out Madonna in Dolce & Gabbana’s new spring/summer 2010 ad campaign, which was captured by celebrity photographer Steven Klein on November 6th in New York City. The images will be published in this week’s Italian edition of Vanity Fair.

The ad campaign, which is inspired by Italian Neorealism cinema, shows a very domesticated Madonna washing dishes and preparing food at a dining room table.

Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said, “To have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true”.

Fall/Winter 2009 Accessories-Christian Dior (Photo © Ed Kavishe/

Would make a great Christmas gift to a very loved one.
Can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue or wherever you can find a Dior Store
Photo: Courtesy Fashion Wire Press

Fall/Winter 2009 Accessories-Cole Haan (Photo © Ed Kavishe/

You can now get these shoes at Cole Haan for 40 percent off.
Just saw them at the Polaris Cole Haan Location.
Photo courtesy of Fashion Wire Press

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rodarte for Target

So i guess the wait is finally over the Rodarte for Target collection has already hit some Target Stores in the Columbus Market. I can confirm this upon calling a number of stores around town and a few of them knew what i was talking about and some had no idea.
The first location i called was the Sawmill road store and the operator had an idea of what the line was and confirmed to me it was already on the floor and people were already looking at it. The next store i called was the Hilliard Store and the operator had no idea what i was talking about, she probably thought Rodarte was a new kind of soap or something, the operator at the Polaris store asked Ro...who? and i said Rodarte and she asked is that the designer clothes and i said yes (maybe other clothes aren't by designers) and then she had an idea and said yes we have it on the store.
So if you are curious before you venture out we have some looks for you and price points

Denim Jacket: $39.99.
Tulle Bow Top in navy: $24.99.
Lace and Tulle Skirt in navy: $29.99.
Lace Tights in black: $29.99.
Tulle sleeves that might look like arm hair if it weren't for the wrist bows: priceless.
Swiss Dot Dress in blue: $39.99.
Bow Belt in yellow leopard: $12.99.
Cut-Out Knee-Highs in tan/peach: $9.99.
Looking like a rebellious bridesmaid: priceless.
Sequin Dress in gray leopard: $44.99.
Lace Cardigan in black: $29.99.
Bow Belt in gray leopard: $12.99.
Lace Tights in black: $12.99.
Two words: sequin leopard. Priceless
Lace Cardigan in mustard: $29.99.
Lace Cami in black: $19.99.
Lace and Tulle Skirt in mustard: $29.99.
Bow Belt in black: $12.99.
Lace Tights in black: $12.99.
Looking like a game piece in Sorry: priceless
Slip Dress in black: $39.99.
Bow Belt in yellow leopard: $12.99.
Lace Tights in black: $12.99.
Looking like the impossible genetic fashion spawn of Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey: priceless.
Lace Bow Dress in yellow leopard: $44.99
Lace Tights in black: $12.99.
Looking like you think it's 1994: priceless.