Thursday, January 24, 2008

Valentino bids Farewell

Out with Old and In with the New, Valentino showed his last ever collection at Paris Couture Fashion Week.
This momentous occasion took place at the Musee Rodin in Paris.The end always comes very fast, and it’s never, ever what you expect. Of course, the clothes were beautiful. The Rome collection, in July, was much more spectacular and moving. But these clothes were very fine. They were flawless with a hint of melancholy. Pistachio and pale blue are summer colors but they are also homesick colors.
The finale had models all dressed in red dresses, after the show i saw Natalia Vodianova in tears, asked her if the models got to keep the red dresses and she answered Valentino insisted on them keeping them as a farewell gift, Uma Thurman was in Presence and so was Claudia Schiffer. Valentino's business partner Giancarlo Giammetti was beaming at reporters with a grin on his face that showed joy and appreciation the whole event was quite surreal, i heard a TV reporter asking him How do you feel for your final show with Valentino and he just replied smiling "pretty good, very good". Uma was wearing the most beautiful black/lacey dress by Valentino and her hair styled up looking very chic. After all its done we can only say Grazie Valentino and Bravo

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Jean-Luce Hure