Friday, December 28, 2007

Marc Jacobs – Fighting Anorexia With Fast Food

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US fashion industry`s pat, Marc Jacobs, presents hedonistic food enjoyment in his spring collection.
Marc Jacobs`s view of the 2008 spring campaign is typically male.

Photos were taken by his usual co-worker Juergen Teller. The cover face of the designer`s campaign is no pretty boy model, but Harmony Korine – Hollywood screen writer and director.

Famous US designer also criticised the fashion industry world with his campaign in which his model hedonistically enjoys fast food calories. Of course, this is a bit different from controversial Italian photographer Olivero Toscani, whose photo of an anorexic girl during Milan Fashion Week stirred things up.

We wonder what sort of a humorous campaign has Jacobs envisioned for his women`s line cover face – Victoria Beckham.

Karmen Horvat

Victoria Beckham to Judge in Season Finale of Project Runway

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Her sense for aesthetics and love towards designer clothing brought Posh into the jury of the reality show, where young designers compete.

The host of Project Runway Heidi Klum called Posh Spice to be a guest judge in the finals of the fourth edition of Bravo’s reality series, reports New York Daily News.

Every finale of the Project Runway has its celebrity star that will be a part of the jury during the New York Fashion Week in February. Until now, Parker Posey, Jay McCarroll, Debra Messing, Chloe Dao, and the founder of the New York Fashion Week Fern Mallis have been in the same position

Anna Sui Spring 2008 RTW Collection-Details and Accesories

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